கோலாகலமான கோலப்போட்டி முன்பதிவு

கோலம் தமிழர் மரபு/பண்பாடு சார்ந்த ஒரு கருப்பொருளை பிரதிபலிப்பதாக இருக்க வேண்டும்.

பொங்கல், மாட்டுப்பொங்கல், ஏறுதழுவுதல் (ஜல்லிகட்டு), கார்த்திகை, கோலாட்டம், கும்பம், மயிலாட்டம், அய்யனார் வழிபாடு போன்றன

Kolappotti Guidelines:
  1.  Contestants must be a TSGW member in active status  
  2. Non-TSGW member pay $10.00 per person 
  3. This is a team event - maximum of three members per team ;In the team, one must be 18 years old.
  4. There are no age restrictions - Any combination of family, friends, etc., is acceptable.Can be registered as a team of 2 or 3 (not more)
  5. Deadline for entries is Jan 04, 2018 
  6. Duration of the competition is two(2) hours .Timing of competition will be announced soon. 
  7. Scoring is based on theme, creativity, presentation and completeness (25% each) 
  8. Size of the kolam shall be limited to 4 feet by 4 feet 
  9. Contestants must bring their own supplies (kolam powder, etc) 
  10. Maavu, manal, or sea salt may be used for kolam 
  11. Use of color powder or flowers (fresh or artificial) is acceptable 
  12. Contestants are responsible for cleaning up their kolams at the end of the tea break. 
  13. Contestants must bring their own cleaning supplies (cleanex, clorox, broom, vacuum, etc) 
  14. Kolam should reflect a theme based on the Tamil tradition / culture . Example: Pongal, Jallikattu, Karthikai, Kollam, Kumbham, Mayilattam, Ayyanar worship etc 
  15. You must display your team name and theme name. 
  16. Judges decisions are final. If you have any questions send email to